We are a 300-acre, family owned and operated farm, specializing in simply the finest, certified organically grown fruits and nuts.

We are located in the heart of California in the San Joaquin Valley with rich, deep class I soils, where warm days are cooled by evening delta breezes.

Our commitment to organic farming runs deep.  We have been growing crops organically for over 25 years now, and we have been certified by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) for over 18 years.  We were one of the early pioneers in the organic industry, growing produce organically long before it became fashionable.  (Click here to go to the CCOF web site to learn more about organic farming.)

Wayne and his father, George (Grandpa), started farming together back in 1963, and it's been a family operation ever since (although we did let Grandma retire from active duty at the packing shed when she hit 78!).  Today, Wayne and his wife, Irene, continue to farm with their two sons, Jeff and Greg.  Greg recently graduated with a degree in Plant Science from Fresno State and a double Masters from UC Davis.  Jeff went to Davis and got a law degree (no one quite knows why.)

As a family operation, we take great pride in what we grow.  We want each peach, nectarine, apple, apricot, plum, pluot, cherry, and walnut to be the best one you've ever tasted.  After all, it's our name on the box.  We're still small enough to allow for a hands on approach to farming.  It's our farm.  We do things our way.  We're continually trying to produce better fruit with fresher flavor, and we take great pride in making timely deliveries.

We're self-contained from one end of the scale to the other.  We have our own year-round labor so that we can get things done our way.  We do all our own pruning, picking, packing and processing.  We have our own on-site cooling facilities to get the fruit in from the field and cooled down as quickly as possible.  Also, we process our own walnuts from harvesting, hulling and cracking, sorting, freezing and packing to help ensure the finest possible product.

Give us a try.  We appreciate your business.  You won't be disappointed.  Thank you!

--- Wayne, Jeff and Greg


Wayne & Jeff - San Francisco Farmer's Market - 1993       Score:  Irrigation Water 1,  Greg 0

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